Leisure Time

Keeping some spare leisure time for hobbies, you will often find me playing various computer or board games ranging from Europa Universalis IV to chess. If there is a good form of challenge in a game, you can expect my willingness to play.

So while my life gets more hectic, complicated, and just plain busy, I always try to carve out some time to relax and play a game.The games I play are split among two categories: in-person and computer games.

In-person Games

While many of these game can be played on the computer, I generally qualify games such as chess, Texas Hold’em poker, Mahjong (麻将), and 80 Points (拖拉机) as in-person games as they are far more fun to play with people I know in person than online.

Computer Games

Classifying these as software-based games, I usually am switching back and forth between turn-based or first person shooter games such as the Civilization Series or Valve ones (Counter-Strike for example). Once in awhile I’ll switch to real-time strategy such as StarCraft or MMOs like World of Warcraft, but generally avoid the latter due to its addictiveness.