Family Cats

Cats are amazing animals and are always considered a part of our family. I have grown up with several cats, each with their own personality and loveable traits.




While I was a bit too young to remember much about Frodo, she was generally a cat that considered herself dignified and not known to do anything crazy. She was a nice cat overall and survived having to deal with two young kids.



ValerieValerie was the first cat I ever got to choose, picking her our of the local animal shelter. While she never enjoyed any car rides, she was the loudest purring machine I have ever heard. The loudness of her purr could be heard from one room to another, allowing one to easily find her in case she was no where to be found.

She lived for a long time and had to deal with a rather jealous Samoya dog named Nikki that often led to hissing or barking matches whenever they would cross paths.

As evident by her picture, she grew quite large, but never lost her ability to purr.



Close up shot of Merlin

An amazing cat who learned to play fetch at a young age, as cute as he was friendly. We taught him a variety of tricks, from grabbing food out of our hands standing up to bouncing down the hallway along with a bouncing ball.

While Merlin was not a lap-cat at first, he learned to love being in our laps purring away in the warmth of our arms. Play time included both laser and flash lights beyond his usual charm of playing fetch with a pink dog toy.

He represented a start of our lives in our new home, adopted shortly after Thanksgiving. He loved to join us during dinner on the dining table, always trying to sneak a sip from any of our drinks. He enjoyed car rides and generally would come to us whenever we called for him.

In the end, he was sadly taken from us at such a young age due to FIP.