Family Stuff

My family life consists of my lovely wife Ivy Yu, a handsome son Elizur Fisher-Kirshner, and a beautiful daughter Eliora Fisher-Kirshner. The mixture of a Jewish-American husband and a Shanghainese-American wife provides an interesting dynamic within the Silicon Valley.

Our life consists of lots of compromises between our personalities and styles, creating a very Internet chic lifestyle that truly emulates what California is about.

Given the diverse family we have created, our lineage goes back in very different directions. On my side of the family, my dad Alan Kirshner originally came from New York City before eventually settling in California and my mom Susan Fisher was born in California after her family moved from Oklahoma during the Great Depression. On Ivy’s side of the family, her mother and father both hail from the outskirts of Shanghai, China.

Ivy has one older sister and I have one younger brother, Tov Fisher-Kirshner, and one older brother, I have two brothers, Lev Kirshner and whenever we have cats, they are considered to be a part of our family as well.