Work Life

For work, my experience consists of a focus towards online marketing, particularly in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I am currently a Senior SEO Manager at Zendesk, a customer service software for businesses.

As long as work relates to online marketing, I have a general interest in the area as I can measure data through any kind of log or web analytics solutions.

The enjoyment of trying to decode Google’s algorithm, the never-ending challenge as this algorithm changes, and the creativity required to develop workable ideas, makes the field of SEO an on-going delight, even on days when Google kicks you down.

Some of my most proud moments in my work life include speaking at SMX Nanjing in China on Motive Analysis for SEO, at SMX Advanced in Seattle on Google Survivor Tips, and at SMX East in NYC on “Great SEO Debate: Correlation vs Causation.” You can find me commenting on Google+.